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This is a return”back to the basics”: dissociating the two basic elements of equipment, the sidemount harness and the buoyancy device. [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” targetclass=”flashmovie” align=”left”  width=”230″ height=”334″ loop=”true” bgcolor=”black” seamlesstabbing=”true”] Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] Since the end of 2008, the Ultimate harness has evolved to meet the various needs that we’ve experienced during our many dives, as well as comments from our friends, divers, explorers and students from all over the world!


It is thanks to the work of our exploration friend and fellow instructor Patrick Widmann, who designed the system Stealth 2.0 for Sidemount diving configuration, that we have this high quality and versatile element as sidemount buoyancy control! “Eliminate the superfluous, Optimise the necessary.”


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1- The Harness

The original design is maintain, and is always based on the elimination of all rigid, seamless, or any plates: no hard point in the design, or items that can wear out or mark the webbing badly! Slides are reworked to ensure harness perfect adjustment, without affecting the fine fitting in a quick and easy way. Run the webbing threw them is easy, and the fact that shoulder, back and weight parts are dissociated allow fine independent tuning. — The bungee is now double: 4.5 mm high density. Allows more held for “heavy” tanks and solves itself the “What if” the bungee break during a dive. The points fixing system of the bungee provides complete redundancy of this indispensable!  

Cheapest Ambien Online “low and large profile” rings,
allow proper positioning of the tanks on the body due to their low abatement, while remaining easily accessible even when wearing gloves! Coupled with the appropriate Sliders, the rings are never pressed to the webbing, always leaving an angle sufficient to position the snap easily! The new “Stealth Wing This equipment is particularly robust, designed primarily for technical and cave divers who need a reliable and durable material whatever the environment.


Buy Ambien Uk OnlineDouble bladder in high strength  Cordura. — A significant volume of 17 liters. shape: a larger volume on the side ends, preserving the lower-back of the inflation of the wing. Simple fixation system: two bolt snap and three high resistance bungee leashes. and easy Trim: its position in the lower back brings the volume of flotation where it is needed, diver’s position is optimized without efforts.

Zolpidem Mail Order and minimalism: Stealth wing does not exceed the natural profile of the diver, even inflated to its maximum capacity, its shape allows the upper back to remains the highest point of the diver.  

[kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” targetclass=”flashmovie” align=”left” width=”230″ height=”334″ loop=”true” bgcolor=”black” seamlesstabbing=”true”] Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] The shape of the wing and Stealth concept fixing it independently from the harness, make it interesting for divers wishing to have a redundant buoyancy device.

Zolpidem Generic Purchase This option is an interesting option towards a specific audience, technical divers deep multi-stage, sites without physical references, in warm water and without drysuit!  


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The Stealth 2.0 sidemount system

Stealth 2.0 is a solution for diving in sidemount configuration that meets the CE standard.
A comprehensive and effective, elements completely independent and adaptable to anyone.

— A harness with multiple adjustment points..

Integrated weight pockets robust and well placed releasable and adaptable to various minimalist harness, including Ultimate.

— An efficient Wing.



A new option, meeting the criteria for minimalism, optimization, and reliability that I invite you to try on your next dive and training!

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