[tab: Harness & Equipment ]

Overnight Delivery Ambien Online [kml_flashembed publishmethod=”static” fversion=”8.0.0″ movie=”” targetclass=”flashmovie” width=”700″ height=”120″ align=”center” loop=”true” bgcolor=”black” seamlesstabbing=”true”] Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] The Ultimate system for “Sidemount” diving, was created to meet specific practical needs: a quest for simplicity and minimalism. Offering comfort and versatility of use.
Today, the Buy Ambien Online Fast Shipping ULTIMATE system is only available for Sidemount students from the DiveUltimate instructors community: linking together high standards of training and an affordable and functional gear! There are three lines of thought that allow material cohesion in the system: the harness, the flotation element, and the configuration of additional hardware; fruit of much thought and many trials, always responding to an important precept:
“Eliminate the superfluous, Optimise the necessary.” The Ultimate Sidemount Harness The simplier the sytem, the more important the details!

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Buy Zolpidem Sleeping Tablets Uk — Simple webbing structure: elimination of any rigid element that can create stiff points which can lead to discomfort, points of wear and tear on the strap, the wetsuit, or the dry suit!! No plates, no sewing.

— Easy adjustments: independent shoulder, waist, and crotch straps, allowing for separate adjustments. “Easy-adjust Belt Slides” at the adjustable points: the webbing slides easily for simple and precise adjustments!

Zolpidem Where To Buy — Unique “low and wide profile” D-rings: keep cylinders correctly placed on the diver’s sides, while allowing for easier manipulation than with classical low profile D-rings. — Continuous bungee: better positioning and clasping of the tanks along the diver’s body in all positions. Simplified placement of tanks: no need to handle the bolt snap to attach the valves below the diver’s arms! A simple procedure allows single tank diving without harness movement on the diver.

— Double Bungee: Double bungee 4.5mm high strength, extra redundancy : elimination of specific procedure in response to a breach of bungee! — LB-SR System: Unique DiveUltimate feature! Adjustable sliding D-ring for perfect tank positioning on your body regardless their buoyancy, you can now trim them the way you need to in one simple in-water gesture!!
Visit the LB-SR page with all info and video!! Buoyancy Control: After several years of using the Ultimate harness with various buoyancy devices (dry suit alone, oral inflation bag, adapted BCD…), Ultimate Harness is now available in two distinct buoyancy control device options : Sidemount Ultimate + Z trim UTD                                              “Z-trim” by UTD               “Stealth Wing” by X-Deep  

Buy Zolpidem Online Cheap Ultimate + “Z-trim”
After working closely with Andrew Georgitsis and John Walker of “UTD equipment”, the “Z-Trim” was adopted to accompany the Ultimate harness. Minimalist, lightweight, incorporating pockets for weights, robust … it is an ideal “Sidemount-specific wing”!
Perfectly suited for Recreational Sidemount diving, as well as multi-stage technical or cave diving !

Visit “Ultimate and Z-trim” page!



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Ambien Online Overnight Shipping Ultimate + “Stealth wing”
Produced by X-Deep and designed by Patrick Widdman (Cave explorer QDT’s member, Cave Instructor and friend of mine here in Mexico) is a different approach: the buyancy device and the harness remain independent for greater versatility!
Particularly robust, this double Cordura bladder of 17 liter is an extremely good option for demanding cave and technical divers who usually evolve in difficult environments!

Visit the “Ultimate et Stealth Wing” page!



Sidemount Equipment:

SantiagoDivingMexico is collaborator and official dealer of X-Deep Equipments, which produces the Stealth 2.0 Sidemount system whose components are CE!


All elements of the Stealth 2.0 system are compatible with the Ultimate harness from the Stealth Wing to integrated weight elements!

Sidemount system Stealth 2.0 is available with direct worldwide delivery and we also offer you the opportunity to try it during your dives and training! DiveULTIMATE, a “global” vision of the hardware elements that provide reliable, versatile and lightweight equipment. Also ideal for travel!!

DiveUltimate, is also a network of experienced trainers, experts in Sidemount and Cave Diving!

[tab: The DiveUltimate Philosophy]

DiveUltimate goes beyond gear configuration. It is a “holistic” approach, a comprehensive vision of diving practices. A simple belief: equipment without specific techniques and procedures is nothing!

Three major interrelated factors that are the foundations for an effective and comfortable practice, ensuring a diver’s complete mastery:
“Technique, configuration, procedures”

The courses and training offered follow these fundamentals in order to create a quality level of technical execution and a true diving control in the surrounding environment guaranteeing greater security and enjoyment while diving! The Technique:

The fundementals of diving: “Buoyancy, Trim, Proppulsion”. Fully mastering these elements enables the control of the body in a water column.
Practicing these techniques until they come naturally provides the diver with a freedom to perform any task or skill required from them while any training.
Precise buoyancy control, perfect control of body position in the water, and the use of 5 different finning techniques, allows for better hydrodynamics, saves energy and gas, and permits a perfect execution of any action: taking pictures, placing a line, releasing a buoy; in addition to allowing greater ease of movement in confined areas in cave diving or wreck exploration!


Buy Ambien Zolpidem Uk Procedures:

The use of a specific set-up whichever it be: Sidemount, Double tanks, CCR… is only worthwhile with true mastery of the its specific usage procedures.
DiveUltimate is also the result of research into linking these procedures to the gear configuration. Each piece of equipment will find its justification in the procedures corresponding to it!

Diving with back-mounted double tanks is not only carring two tanks on your back, just as diving with a sidemount configuration is not attaching sloppily two tanks under your arms: the performance of equipment handling tehniques and effective potential risk management are what provides the security offered by the presence of equipment elements!

A clean and precise technique is what allows you to perform the various necessary procedures with ease. The configuration:

An optimized configuration drives greater efficiency and comfort.
DiveUltimate seeks to simplify the hardware, eliminating weak points, facilitating the localization of various components while carefully placing them to be protected from the surrounding environment your are evolving threw: accessibility, hydrodynamics, reliability, and consistency with the procedures for risk management and equipment handling.

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Today, DiveUltimate comprises several instructors who have adopted these precepts in their dive training; experienced trainers that can be found on the website:


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