plongee tec, plongee technique, technical diving, trimix, decompression“Technical”, or “Advanced”, dive training includes various steps aimed at expanding the evolutionary potential of divers through adopting procedures and a mastery of specific hardware configurations in order to strongly maintain all safety factors.

Buy Zolpidem Often this involves a review of basic diving techniques: consolidating the fundamentals allows building strong techniques while increasing the complexity of dives! The courses can be done with a backmount configuration (double tanks) or with a Sidemount configuration. If you do not have prior Sidemount training, allow for a supplemental two days to complete the Basic Sidemount course prior to additional training!


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Zolpidem 10Mg Online — Intro to tec: .Pre-requisites: OWD or equivalent; 18 years old. .Duration: 3 days Ambien Generic Online plongee profonde, formation plongee trimix, plongee tec, mexique, technical diving mexico.Content: Work on the essential basics in the various diving disciplines: buoyancy, finning techniques, procedures for the use and manipulation of lines and surface marker buoys. Mastery of diving! Buy Cheap Zolpidem Uk — Advanced Nitrox: .Pre-requisites: AOW or equivalent; Nitrox; 18 years old; 30 dives beyond training. .Duration: 5/6 days .Content: I only offer this course with a redundant system, either backmount double tanks or Sidemount. Planning and execution of dives using hyperoxygenated decompression, specific procedures and technical mastery.

Ambien Online Cheap — Technical Diver: .Pre-requisites: AOW or equivalent; Adv. Nitrox; 100 dives beyond training. .Duration: 3/4 days Can I Buy Ambien In Mexico .Content: Planning and mastery of procedures for multi-gas, hyperoxygenated decompression dives. Dives to the limits of the used gas blends; bottom gas: air. — Normoxic Trimix: .Pre-requisites: Adv. Nitrox or equivalent; 100 dives where 30 are below 27m .Duration: 4 days .Content: Without increasing the space for evolution or depth; planning, management and procedures specific to the use of mixes containing helium as a bottom gas, while maintaining a minimum of 20% oxygen in the mix.

Ambien To Buy — Others: Being part of a large community of divers and instructors specialized in technical diving, allows me to help you find the training best suited to your needs! If you are a CCR diver and wish to further your CCR training, or if you wish to further your training in deep diving, Hypoxic Trimix or Advanced Trimix, do not hesitate to contact me! Buy Zolpidem Uk Online IMPORTANT: Training does not guarantee certification! A course is a transmission of techniques, procedures, and attitude. I guarantee you the highest level of training and thorough preparation, where hours are not counted, in order to achieve the mastery required for the corresponding course. The certification, therefore, hinges only on you!  

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