exploration speleo plongee, cave diving exploration in Mexico

My experience encompasses 5000 dives, 22 years of diving, and over 12 years of cave and technical diving…
I’ve taught hundreds of courses at all levels, from discovery dives to “Advanced Technical Cave”…
Regardless of my qualifications, I believe that my involvement as an active and passionate diver is the best representation of the experience I can pass on.

I love to teach what I practice and what I myself learn on a daily basis through my explorations, documentaries, as well as research and development to help perfect materials, techniques, and procedures.

The number one passion of all cave divers is the exploration of new sites: pushing past the limits of the known world.

As a member of Quiet Diver Exploration Team (QDT), contributor with the Quintana Roo Speleological Society (QRSS), and Safety Officer with the Next Generation Team, my active exploration projects are numerous and diverse:

– Ceiba Ha, The Pit, The Blue Abyss, Cenote Doggi, Sand Crack System, Cenote Montecristo, Cenote Maya, Cenote Rojo, Cenote Julian, Ak Tulum, Cenote Piss Hole, Cenote Chan Hole, Cenote Dzibil Ha, Cenote Elbe, Cenote SlumDog, Cenote Chac Ha, Cenote Roxane…

The projects include the two deepest caves in the Riviera Maya as well as the largest single-entrance network in the region!

In 2011 alone, the QDT team explored and mapped over 35 km of new cave passages!


– Contributor to the development of the Ariane topography software created by Sebastien Kister.



To love such a distinctive environment is also to love sharing it with many fellow divers!

I’ve participated in many photography projects:

– Cave diving reports for Fox TV (USA & South América)

– Development of various short films and awards from specialized festivals in France, Serbia, and Mexico.
– Development of a DVD about the exploration of the Doggi Cenote for Aquavista Films.
– Cenote documentary for TVE (Spain).
– Cave diving and Cenote exploration report for Antena 3 (Spain).

– Published photographs in various magazines and specialized web sites.


Numerous articles for print and web media:

– Articles on the Cenotes, Cave diving, and Sidemount diving in the French magazines Octopus, Plongeur International, Plongée magazine, and in the Spanish magazine Buceadores.

– Interviews and articles in various webzines: webPlongée, Divosea, Plongeur, TodoBuceo
The Ultimate Sidemount:


It was through our research into effective, versatile and safe diving practices that we arrived at the development of our own sidemount diving system: the Ultimate harness.

Today it is a full system, complete with a minimalist harness and two dedicated flotation devices. Together with the development of various specific techniques, this system allows for simple Sidemount diving, easily accessible and optimized for use in diverse diving environments from recreational open water to multi-stage cave diving!




This is only the beginning!
Exploration projects are still numerous, the willingness to share ever greater; my growing experience is an added incentive to pass it forward.