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The Ultimate System for Sidemount diving configuration is born of Etienne Rousseau and myself diving experience.

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Order Tramadol Online Cash On Delivery Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] After more than four years of existence, the Ultimate harness has evolved, to met diverse needs that we’ve experienced during our many dives, as well as comments from our friends divers from around the world!(a special thanks to Mauro Bordignon, Sebastien Kister… and others!) This allows us to offer a complete, optimized and minimalist set. Always looking for simple and effective responses to meet the needs of everyone, without making any compromise our philosophy: “Eliminate the superfluous, Optimise the necessary.”  

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The system Ultimate “Z-trim” is a combination centered on a minimalist harness, counting a buoyancy element and a new integrated weight system to add up to 12kg of ballast in a few seconds ideal for divers using dry clothes with large underwear and light tank in salt water for example!  

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1- The Harness The original design is maintain, and is always based on the elimination of all rigid, seamless, or any plates: no hard point in the design, or items that can wear out or mark the strap! Slides are reworked to ensure straps perfect fit, without affecting the fine settings in a quick and easy way.  

— The bungee is now double: 4.5 mm high density. Allows more held for “heavy” tanks and solves itself the “What if” the bungee break during a dive. The points fixing system of the bungee provides complete redundancy of this indispensable!


Tramadol 50 Mg Buy Uk “low and large profile” rings,
allow proper positioning of the tanks on the body due to their low abatement, while remaining easily accessible even when wearing gloves! Coupled with the appropriate Sliders, the rings are never pressed to the webbing, always leaving an angle sufficient to position the snap easily! 2- The new Z-trim Since the beginning of this sidemount-specific wing, some changes, result of a close collaboration with the UTD team, are particularly noteworthy:

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Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] 2 integrated weight pockets to use the “classic” diving weights! We can put in it 6kg in a few seconds.


Inflator and pressure relief valve are protected from the surrounding environment, while facilitating a good management of the flotation volume in a particularly accurate way.




The gusset bag keeps the external volume of the wing to the smallest according to the quantity of gas required for the buoyancy!



— The Thermo bonded internal reinforcements flotation bag avoid the wing to comes off from the diver’s back, which helps to maintain a flat profile to the diver, hydrodynamics, and protects the equipment from the surrounding environment!





3- The Ultimate Weight System

In addition to the integrated weight system into the flotation element which provides two storage spaces of up to 6kg; Ultimate harness include now a simple element for uploading weights:

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— As simple as putting weights on a recreational diving belt.

— New “sliding weight stopper” maintain it safely, while providing easy handling and fast set-up.

— Ability to locate the weights wherever you want on your body to optimize your trim.





The Ultimate System for sidemount diving is a set that still weighs less than 1.5 kg, allows many types of diving, from recreational dives to the most serious multi-stage cave diving! And without any modification of the equipment to go from one to the other!

Quick adjustment to switch from 3mm wetsuit to drysuit for cold conditions. Minimalist buoyancy device, sleek and close to the body. Integrated weight system dissociated in two parts: weight pockets, and double back webbing to get to the rare needs of up to 12kg! Keep it simple: no weight belt, no weight harness of any kind, no external components or accessories to add!


One single gear to meet the diverse needs of a divers whatever his practice is!

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Get Adobe Flash player[/kml_flashembed] DiveUltimate, is also experienced trainers who provide a follow-up for the proper practice of Sidemount diving , the Ultimate system comes with its philosophy : Sidemount diving goes beyond an equipment configuration!

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